Which is best for my lawn? A 7-step lawn care program or a 5-step lawn care program?

Let’s discuss why we offer a 5-step lawn care program instead of a 7-step lawn care program like some of our larger competitors like TruGreen.

Premier Lawn Services focuses on quality over quantity when it comes to our fertilization and weed control applications. Let us tell you why we feel our 5-step lawn care program delivers everything your lawn needs to be as healthy as can be and remain weed-free.

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Our 5-Step Lawn Care Program Is More Complete Than Most 7-Step Lawn Care Programs

We obviously don’t know exactly what our competitors are applying to their customers’ lawns, but we do know our 5-step lawn treatment program includes everything your lawn needs to thrive.

Since we treat our customers’ lawns 5 times throughout the growing season, we always apply a ‘slow-release’ fertilizer.  Slow-release fertilizer is coated with a time-release coating so the nutrients contained within are dispersed to your lawn over a 6-8 week period.  The timing of our applications is 6-8 weeks apart which provides your lawn with an even amount of fertilizer throughout the growing season and eliminates rapid growth spurts that can easily occur when a traditional, non-coated fertilizer is used.

Since we make 2 fewer trips to each lawn we care for each year, we are able to spend more time on our customers’ lawns each visit.  This allows us to make sure every weed in the lawn is treated with the appropriate weed control product to gain control over that weed.  It also allows us to analyze and inspect our customers’ lawns each visit to identify any future issues before serious damage results.

Before and after lawn ferlizer applications

We Want You To Enjoy Your Lawn!

A major benefit of our 5-step program is that our customers have 2 fewer days they have to worry about staying off their lawn for a period of time after each treatment.

Our lawn care treatments are applied per the label’s instructions and in accordance with the NY DEC to protect children, pets, and our groundwater supply.  The reason being is that we integrate a proprietary blend of soil amendments into our lawn care program.  The soil amendments introduce organic material and beneficial micro-organisms which allow the turf, and any weeds, to more efficiently utilize the fertilizer and herbicide contained in our applications.  With the improved quality of soil, a lesser amount of fertilizer and weed control product is able to produce the desired results.

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So, what are your thoughts on a 7-step lawn care program vs 5-step lawn care program now?

If you’d like to give our lawn care program a try, we’d love to show you just how beautiful your lawn care be in just 5 applications per year.

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