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Fertilizing Lawns in New York

Each fertilizer application you receive throughout the season is bundled with weed control treatment (as needed), with the option to add Grub Control and/or Surface Insect Control.

Lawn fertilizing is the core of a healthy lawn.

Proper fertilization varies by climate zone and the grass type.  Below is how we green up lawns in the state of New York and follow all guidelines.

Below are key components of our fertilization process that feeds your lawn:

Calibrated Nitrogen

Nitrogen usage is calibrated to the seasonal needs of the grass. For example, we use higher nitrogen concentration in the fall, but less in the summer. We will never apply more nitrogen than necessary.

Balanced Organic Base

Our fertilizers contain bio-solids, humic acids, and other organic nitrogen sources. These “living” components are the catalysts that help turfgrass absorb essential nutrients like nitrogen and potassium, as well as developing a stronger root system that helps your lawn to resist heat stress and promote growth throughout the summer months.

Iron-Infused Formulation

Many of our fertilizer formulations have a 5% iron formulation for a deeper, richer green color. Iron is also a necessary micro-nutrient that grass needs.

No Phosphorus

New York state regulations discourage phosphorous fertilizers unless seeding is taking place, therefore our fertilizer contains no phosphorus. Our organic-based fertilizer helps “unlock” the natural phosphorus so the plant can use it.