Whether you have mulch, stone, or straw material filling your landscape beds, seeds from annual weeds and grasses will blow in throughout the season and work their way down into the underlying soil and take root.  Let’s learn 4 ways you can keep your flower beds weed-free.

While hand weeding is sometimes necessary and desired because you don’t want to use chemicals, there is another non-chemical approach to keeping flower beds weed-free.  Proper use of herbicide products will yield the best results and is very safe when applied per the instructions on the product label.

2 Ways To Keep Flower Beds Weed-Free With Herbicides

  1. Pre-Emergent Weed Control: To really get a handle on stopping weeds, you control them BEFORE they start to grow. Many weeds that appear every year are annuals–they come from seed and die at the first frost. Two applications of pre-emergent weed control in the spring and early summer will stop plenty of weeds from ever germinating in your flower beds for the majority of the season.
  2. Post-Emergent Weed Control: There are some weeds that are not managed through pre-emergent or have germinated despite pre-emergent herbicide applications. Spraying post-emergent weed control on any weeds that do enter your flower beds quickly ensures that your flowers beds stay weed-free by eliminating the weeds while they are still small in size and before they can produce seed.  The more frequently you scan your mulch beds for weeds the quicker and easier each treatment will be.  We recommend you do this weekly or bi-monthly for the best results during the growing season.

At Premier Lawn Services, our goal is to create healthy, weed-free lawns for our clients.  Although we don’t offer flower bed weed control as a stand alone service, we do offer flower bed weed control is an add-on service to our existing lawn fertilizer program clients as a way to provide consistent quality to their entire property.  Weeds grow fast and spread, we know if the weeds found in flower beds are not addressed, they will eventually creep into the lawn and that is the last thing we want!

Keeping Flower Beds Weed Free

 2 Ways To Keep Garden Beds Weed-Free Without Any Chemicals

If you are looking for a garden-bed weeding solution that does not involve any use of chemicals, hand-pulling weeds is always an option.  You can also install a ‘weed-barrier fabric’ which will stop weeds from ever entering your garden.

  1. Pull Weeds By The Roots: The most important part of pulling weeds is to get all of the roots out when you remove the foilage you see on top of the soil.  Many weeds need little to nothing to survive and thrive.  A lot of weeds will begin to grow again if the entire root system is not removed.  It is very important to dig down beneath the weed and remove all of the roots found beneath to ensure it does not return in the near future.
  2. Install Weed-Barrier Fabric: Some landscapers love weed-barrier fabric and others do not.  If you are wanting to give it a try the most important thing to know is that if mulch or other organic material is placed on top of the fabric, it will create an opportunity for weeds to grow on top of the barrier which will completely deplete its effectiveness.  For this reason, we primarily recommend weed-barrier fabric to be used when the landscape bed is going to be covered in rock instead of mulch or compost.

Combat Weeds In Your Lawn & Landscape For Best Results

Many people that love their lawn also love their landscape.  There are also plenty of people that really love their love and pay much less attention to their landscaping and vice versa.

We like to put out educational content like this to educate our customers and anyone else that is into lawns and landscapes.  We hope you found it informative and valuable.

Please contact us for a free estimate for lawn care and insect control if you are in the Syracuse area and looking for a lawn care service you can count on.  Even though we don’t offer flower bed weed control as a stand alone service, we’re happy to provide this service if you also choose to have use care for your lawn.

Have Us Treat Your Weeds!

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