Learn all about lawn care in Syracuse’s North and East Suburbs.

We are going to cover turf fertilization, weed control, aerating, overseeding, and more such as best lawn maintenance practices and insects and diseases that can harm lawns.

Premier Lawn Services is a small, local business that offers lawn fertilization and weed control treatments in Syracuse’s North and East Suburbs.

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How To Properly Care For Lawns in Central New York

Below we outline our process and the best practices anyone should follow when a thick, green, weed-free lawn is desired in Central New York.

Along with the following outlined lawn care program schedule as described below we wanted to note that our specialized application equipment allows us to also apply organic matter that actually builds the soil’s chemistry.

Throughout the season we also apply a proprietary blend of soil amendments to all our lawns. This proprietary blend adds carbon while allowing oxygen and natural earth-friendly biostimulants to benefit the soil structure to sustain healthier turfgrass.

If you are interested in the very best lawn care in Syracuse’s North and East suburbs we would love to provide you with a free estimate and handle all of this for you!

Spring Services

Spring Lawn Care near Syracuse

The lawns in Central New York State break winter dormancy in the Spring when the weather begins to warm up.

Spring Fertilization

Before the grass begins to grow, you want to make sure your lawn gets an application of slow-release fertilizer.  The ‘slow-release’ characteristic of the fertilizer is important!  This means the fertilizer pellets are coated so all of the nutrients do not enter the soil at once.  This allows one application to be applied and it will continue to feed the lawn over the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Spring Weed Control

A pre-emergent herbicide should be applied to the lawn in early spring.  A ‘pre-emergent herbicide’ is a weed control product that prevents weeds from ever emerging from the soil.  Often referred to as ‘pre-m weed control’ by lawn care professionals, a pre-emergent weed control application is the best way to combat crabgrass from entering your lawn over the summer months.

If winter annual weeds are lingering in the lawn or some new weeds have already begun to grow, spot spraying them with a post-emergent herbicide is called for.  Just make sure you are using ‘selective herbicide’ that will not harm grass plants!  Traditional ‘Round-Up’ is an example of a ‘non-selective herbicide’ that will also kill grass plants.

Learn more about weed control for lawns.

Spring Lawn Maintenance

When the grass begins to grow it is important to mow it regularly.  Often weekly lawn mowing is needed to ensure more than 1/3 of the grass blade is not removed during a single mowing.  The  1/3 lawn of lawn mowing refers to the fact that damage can be done to the grass plants if more than 1/3 of the grass blades are cut off during a single mowing.  Just make sure your lawn gets mowed frequently enough that less than 1/3 of the blade is being removed when it gets cut.

torn vs flush cut grass blades

It is also very important that the lawn mower blades cutting your grass are sharp.  Dull lawn mower blades tear the grass blades instead of cutting them cleanly.  Grass that is torn instead of cut flush incurs unneeded additional stress.

Before and after lawn renovation

Early Summer Lawn Care near Syracuse

In the early summer, it is time to apply another application of slow-release fertilizer and gain control of summer annual weeds trying to enter the lawn.

Early Summer Fertilization

Apply the 2nd application of slow-release fertilizer.  Slow-release fertilizer is ideal for this time of year because the grass is already growing rapidly.  We don’t want to add ‘fuel to the fire’ and caused an excessive growth spurt.  Rapid excessive growth is not healthy for the turf and nobody wants to mow their lawn 2-3 times per week!

Early Summer Weed Control

It’s time for ‘post-emergent’ weed control only at this time.  Now is the time to gain control of any weeds in the lawn before they have a chance to spread!

Early Summer Lawn Maintenance

Continue mowing the lawn with sharp lawn mower blades and make sure that your lawn gets mowed frequently enough that only 1/3 or less of the grass blade is removed during each mowing.

Summer Lawn Care near Syracuse

The summer calls for another application of slow-release fertilizer and treatment of any existing weeds in the lawn, and it’s time to apply a preventative grub control application.

Summer Fertilization

During the summer the slow-release aspect of the fertilizer is extra important.  When the summer heat sets in it can stress the turf.  If too much fertilizer is available to the grass plants during the high temperatures it can cause harm.

Summer Weed Control

Hopefully at this point in the season after the 1st 2 rounds of treatments to the lawn, the weeds are pretty well under control.  If not, continue to spray the weeds as needed with a selective herbicide to ensure only the weeds, not the grass plants, are killed from the application.  Some weeds are harder to control than others and multiple applications are needed to gain control so don’t be too frustrated if you still have weeds.  We’ll discuss how to drastically reduce the number of weeds that ever enter your lawn with our early fall lawn care tips next.

Summer Lawn Maintenance – Watering Properly & Preventative Grub Control

If Central New York is not getting rain over the summer months, watering may be needed to keep your lawn in optimum health.  Some quick watering tips are to water early in the morning, between 4:00 AM and 7:00 AM if possible.  You also want to ‘water deep.’  The idea of deep watering is to allow the water to soak deep into the soil.  It’s best to water once per week, or twice if needed, for a long period and at a slow rate.  This allows enough water to be applied to the lawn without it just running off the surface.  Grass plants need the water to reach their root zone for them to be able to benefit from it!

Grubs, white grubs or lawn grubs as they are often referred to, are a problem in Syracuse’s North and East suburbs.  The best way to ensure grubs do not ruin your lawn by eating the root system beneath the soil is to apply a preventative application.  If you don’t pre-treat for grubs, there are curative applications, but at this point, the damage will have been done to your lawn!  The insecticide we use is safe for children, pets, and humans when applied properly as we do but is harmful to grubs and other annoying surface insects so you get a little bonus insect control when you receive a grub application.

Continue mowing as needed.

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Early Fall Lawn Care near Syracuse

It’s time for another application of slow-release fertilizer in the early fall.  Early fall or possibly fall depends on the climate that year is the best time to overseed your lawn.  For this reason, we try not to use weed control in this application if possible.

Early Fall Fertilization

You may be recognizing a trend, more slow-release fertilizer should be applied to the lawn in the early fall.

Early Fall Weed Control

Weed control should be applied as needed if you are not overseeding your lawn this fall.  If you are overseeding your lawn, either skip treating the weeds at this time or use a weed control product that is safe for grass seed and also will not harm young grass plants.

Early Fall Lawn Maintenance – Aerating and Overseeding

Continue mowing as needed in the early fall, but if you are ‘overseeding’ or spreading grass seed over your existing lawn this fall, try to not mow for as long as you can after applying the grass seed.

Please know that simply spreading grass seed over your lawn or even bare spots will yield little to no results.  The soil must be prepared to accept the grass seed and give it a chance to germinate.  The best way to prepare an entire lawn is to core aerate it before spreading the grass seed.  Bare spots can be prepared by using a rake or shovel to break up the soil surface and allow the grass seed to enter the soil.

Aerating without seeding afterward is also very beneficial by itself!  We can’t stress enough how important it is to core aerate your lawn each fall if the goal is to have a beautiful, healthy, weed-free lawn.  Core aerating is the process of poking holes by removing cores from the soil under your lawn.  All of these holes allow water and nutrients to more easily enter the soil and get down to your turf’s root system where it can actually utilize them!  It also allows the turf’s root system to spread and dig deeper into the soil more easily as this process de-compacts the soil.

Fall Lawn Care near Syracuse

Fall is the time to apply 1 final application of slow-release fertilizer for your lawn to store as it goes dormant over the winter months.

Fall Fertilization

Once again, apply a slow-release fertilizer to the lawn.  For this application, you want to ensure the fertilizer you choose is high in Nitrogen content.

Fall Weed Control

Hopefully, no weeds are left on your lawn at this point!  If you do have weeds present and don’t want them again next year, you are going to have to overseed to crowd out the weeds.  Weeds thrive by filling in thin and bare spots on the lawn.  Eliminate the thin and bare spots and weeds simply have nowhere to grow!

You can overseed in the springtime.  It’s very important to understand that this will eliminate the ability for pre-emergent herbicide to be used as it will also stop the grass seed from growing just as it does weeds!  If you use a lawn service, hopefully, you use us, make sure you communicate that you are planning on seeding in the spring so they can adjust the treatment they apply to your lawn!

Fall Lawn Maintenance – Leaf Removal

When the grass stops growing, of course, you can stop mowing!

The main lawn maintenance concern during the fall is ensuring that leaves do not sit on your lawn all fall and winter long.  If leaves are left covering the lawn they can suffocate the grass beneath them if the leaf covering is thick enough.  More often, leaves left on the lawn will begin to break down and can lead to disease or fungus issues in your lawn.  Leaves left built up in corners or by plants can attract unwanted pests seeking warmth.  Please make sure that leaves don’t sit on your lawn all winter long!