Premier Lawn Services wants to be your local lawn care service provider in Syracuse’s North and East Suburbs.

We are not a franchise!  The one and only location we have is located in Kirkville, NY and we have our company’s name registered with the State of New York.

With the large marketing budgets of nationwide lawn care service providers like TruGreen, we wanted to let you know you do have a local, small business lawn care company ready and willing to provide excellent care for your lawn.  TruGreen is not the only option and we want to share why we feel we are a better option for your lawn in Central New York.

We Offer Personalized Lawn Care

1 size does not fit all when it comes to lawn care!  Our small size and knowledgeable employees allow us to tailor our clients’ lawn care programs to match their lawn’s specific needs.

When you hire Premier Lawn Services you can expect the same person to treat your lawn over the course of the season.  This allows our trained and certified lawn technicians to really get to know your lawn.  We can identify potential issues before permanent damage is done and make recommendations based on the characteristics of your lawn.

A large lawn care company like TruGreen batch mixes large quantities of fertilizer and that is what goes on all of their customers’ lawns for good or for bad.  We like to tweak our applications based on what our individual client’s lawns actually need.

Local Family Lawn Company

We’re a Family Business

Although Jim, the owner of Premier Lawn Services, is the only member of the family that actively participates in the business, anyone that knows a small business owner knows it is a family business.

Small business owners are known for being passionate about their work.  Jim is a perfect example with his passion for lawn care.  Sometimes this passion takes away from family time as the small business owner continues to educate himself about his craft, researches the right products and equipment to purchase, and of course the time in the field performing the business operations.

Luckily Jim has a family that is understanding and supportive.  Premier Lawn Services clients get to benefit from the time Jim dedicates to making sure his lawn care company is very knowledgeable about the local lawns and has the right equipment and products to produce results.

Why We Are Different Than the Cheaper Corporate Companies

Here is information from Jim himself regarding why choosing a local lawn care company like Premier Lawn Services is often a better option than going with a large corporate company like TruGreen.

  • I highly encourage you to compare reviews if you are unsure of which lawn care company to go with.
  • Throughout the season we also apply a proprietary blend of soil amendments to all
    our lawns. This proprietary blend adds carbon while allowing oxygen and natural
    earth-friendly biostimulants to benefit the soil structure to sustain healthier turfgrass. No other company that I know of in the Syracuse area offers this, let alone include it with every lawn care program offered as we do.
  • We are locally owned, and you’ll never get a call center. You may get a voicemail but
    that is because the owner is probably out in the field doing the work or on a call with a
    client personally.  All calls are returned promptly.
  • With us, it is a relationship. With large corporate companies, you usually get a different
    technician at each visit. And usually, someone that just received their certification.
  • I would be happy to look at their estimate and compare it to what we are offering you.
    A lot of times the corporate companies don’t measure the lawn properly and you will
    receive an insufficient amount of fertilizer for the size of your property.
  • Many times the corporate companies will have a cheaper price per application but will
    hide their high price for the season in additional unneeded visits. Along with charging
    extra for everything including macronutrients such as potassium which is included in
    our fertilizer applications.  Our pricing is clear and easy to understand without any surprises.
  • We do need to charge slightly more than the corporate companies because we offer a
    better end result (a beautifully thick, green, weed-free lawn!) and use better products applied at the correct rates.

Best Lawn Care

We’re Creating Jobs in the Local Community

In 2021 Premier Lawn Services hired their first team member outside the family!  Creating jobs in the local community is always something a small business owner aspires to do.

The pastor of Berean Calvary Chapel‘s son was hired by Premier Lawn Services last year after showing an interest in lawn care and being willing to get the certifications needed to care for lawns per the State of New York’s DEC, or Department of Environmental Conservation.

Premier Lawn Services is always looking for good people to join their team.

Premier Lawn Services First Employee

We Care For Lawns Near Syracuse

Premier Lawn Services is a true lawn care company.  By ‘true lawn care company,’ we mean we do not perform most lawn maintenance tasks or offer landscaping services.  We care for lawns by applying fertilizer, weed control, and insect control products, aerate and overseed lawns, and offer a few related services to ensure our clients have the best-looking lawn possible!

We offer free estimates for lawn care in North Syracuse, Cicero, Clay, Bridgeport, Minoa, Brewerton, East Syracuse, Kirkville, Manlius, Fayetteville, Dewitt, Lakeport, & Chittenango, NY.

If your home or business is located in or near these Central New York cities and towns and you are looking for the best lawn care company around, please contact us today!

We Like Educated Customers!

We know some people want to have a nice lawn and don’t care about details, but there are plenty of people who do!

If you are into lawn care and would like to learn more, we encourage you to explore the lawn care blog right here on our website.  We just started blogging in 2022 but our first blog post covers in detail how to properly care for a lawn in the Syracuse New York area.

Our next several blog posts will cover specific lawn care topics in detail such as grub control, aerating, turf disease, weed control, and much more!  We encourage you to check our blog weekly for new content.  If you are looking to hire a lawn care company you can trust, give us a call!