Lawn Services Offered in CNY

We’re on a mission to become known as the best lawn service is Onondaga and Madison County, NY.

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Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Services

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Yard Services

We focus much more on the ‘lawn care’ or ‘lawn maintenance’ side of the service offerings you might expect from a lawn care or landscaping company.

This allows us to really focus on the services we do offer and we feel this is a benefit of using our lawn service.

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Our focus on the lawn service side of the business keeps our overhead low as we do not need expensive pieces of equipment such as super heavy-duty trucks or dump trailers.

It also allows our employees to become true experts at the services we offer instead of spreading the knowledge and skills over numerous services.

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Mowing Services

Our bread and butter is our scheduled lawn mowing service for residential clients.  Don’t even break a sweat and enjoy a professionally maintained lawn all year long.

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Spring Services

Spring is a busy time of year.  Let us handle your lawn care needs.

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Pruning Shrubs

Keeping your shrubs trimmed makes your home and landscape look great.

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Lawn Spraying

Want the best looking lawn in your neighborhood?  Have us treat your lawn.

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Mosquito Treatments

Mosquitoes can almost make you want to stay inside during the summer.  Let’s fix that.

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Grass Service

Aerating and reseeding bare spots is a must for anyone who loves their lawn.

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Fall Services

The holidays are coming!  Leave the yard work to us and enjoy more time with your family.

The toddler aged son of the owner of Premier Lawn Services rides a toy car in their well maintained lawn.

From Our Family to Yours

You may have gathered from the pictures on our website already that Premier Lawn Services is a family business.

We greatly appreciate you considering having us maintain the place you and your family call home.

Premier Lawn Services

Offering quality lawn mowing services in CNY.

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