Lawn Care Services Offered by Premier Lawn Services

We’re on a mission to become known as the best local lawn service in Onondaga and Madison County, NY.

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Our Services

Premier Lawn Services services include everything your lawn needs to as healthy and aesthetically pleasing as it possibly can!

Our services include fertilizing, weed control, managing insects, aerating, and seeding as needed.

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Fertilization/Weed Control

Want the best looking lawn in your neighborhood?  Have us treat your lawn.

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Mosquitoes can almost make you want to stay inside during the summer.  Let’s fix that.

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Aerating and reseeding bare spots is a must for anyone who loves their lawn.

The toddler aged son of the owner of Premier Lawn Services rides a toy car in their well maintained lawn.

From Our Family to Yours

You may have gathered from the pictures on our website already that Premier Lawn Services is a family business.

We greatly appreciate you considering having us maintain the place you and your family call home.

Free Lawn Estimates!

All of our services comes with free estimates.  We aren’t into high-pressure sales!  We know you need to know the price before you can make a decision.  We simply want to provide you with a no-obligation quote for your consideration.  We can email it to you, text it to you, or give you a call with the all the details and answer any questions you may have.

Premier Lawn Services is the way lawn care should be!