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If you ever wondered why some lawns look better than others…aerating is probably the differentiating factor.

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Lawn Aerations

Lawn aerations are on every ‘lawn-lovers’ to-do list each and every fall. Proper mowing practices, fertilization, and watering all play large parts in having a gorgeous lawn, but aerating is the secret of those in the know.

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Aerating your lawn does wonders for the overall health of your lawn whether you choose to overseed at this time or not.  The aerator machine pulls plugs, or cores, from your lawn’s soil which allow water and nutrients to more easily reach the roots of your grass where they can actually utilize them.

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Reseeding Lawn Service

The conditions are perfect to reseed or overseed your lawn after an aeration service.  One of the major factors of success when sowing grass seed is ‘seed-to-soil’ contact.  The holes created during the aeration make for ideal conditions.

Also, aerating is most beneficial in the fall as this is when the roots of your grass plants are growing most vigorously.  The fall is also the most ideal time to sow grass seed for the same reason!

In addition, the climate/temperatures are also most ideal in the fall for grass seed to grow.

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What is a Core Lawn Aeration?

There are 2 main types of lawn aerators. Scoop style aerators are popular on golf courses, but not so much on residential lawns. The main 2 types for residential lawns are spike aerators and core aerators.

You want a core aeration!  Spike aerations often do more harm than good because instead of pulling a core out of the soil to allow the water and nutrients to reach the roots, spike aerators force spikes into the soil.

The major problem is all of the soil around where the spike entered just got compacted in the process!  This issue with spike aerating is 100% solved when you have a core aeration done instead.

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