Fall Lawn Care

You focus on getting the inside of your home ready for the holidays; we have the lawn and landscape under control.

We remove leaves from lawns and landscapes and relocate them into woods on your property or to the curbside.

Leaf Removal Cicero NY

Yard Maintenance

A professional piece of equipment used to clear leaves.

Fall Property Maintenance

Leaf removal is a major fall service offered by Premier Lawn Services, but we can do much more than simply remove your leaves.

We are here and more than happy to lend a helping hand if you would like to have us handle any or all of your fall lawn care needs.

Don’t forget that the fall is the best time of year to feed your lawn.  We can also provide that service along with your year-end cleanup!

Fall Lawn Care Schedule

We are ready to get to work whenever you contact us, but we wanted to get you a plan of attack if you needed one for maintaining your lawn this fall.

If you plan on overseeding your lawn, this should be one of the first things to schedule.  We strongly urge you to consider a lawn aeration at this time to greatly improve the germination rate of your grass seed.

We recommend holding off on removing leaves until the majority have fallen from your trees and performing a final pruning service after the plants have ceased growing for the season.

Fall lawn maintenance service considerations: 

  • Leaf cleanup
  • Debris removal
  • Aerating
  • Overseeding
  • Lawn winterization
  • Plant pruning
A backyard with a backpack blower in the background and a tarp filled with leaves that have been cleared in the Syracuse area.

Leaf Removal

Jumping into piles of leaves with your kids is awfully fun, but at some point you need to remove the leaves from your lawn! Why?

Leaves left on your lawn introduce a slew of possible problems ranging from smothering your existing turf, to introducing disease to your lawn and plants, and can even harbor unwanted pests such as ticks.

A customers backyard covered in leaves ready to be professional cleared in the Syracuse area.

Full-Service Fall Cleanup

Along with removing the leaves, we will also pick any sticks or other lawn debris in the process.  This service is not limited to leaves in your lawn alone.  We also remove leaves from landscape beds and paved surfaces.

The leaves are relocated into a woodline on your property or we can create gather them along the roadside of your property.  We ‘remove’ leaves from the lawn and landscape but do not haul them away with us.  

A residential property with a large pile of leaves that have been gathered for removal.

Overseeding Your Lawn in the Fall

Don’t forget about your lawn health during the fall.  This is the best time to fertilize your lawn as the grass plants store these nutrients over the dormant winter months and use them to break dormancy in the spring.  The late fall fertilization application is often referred to as the ‘winterizer.’

Fall also offers ideal conditions for sowing grass seed.  If you have thin or bare areas in your lawn, now is the time to address these with an aeration and overseeding service.

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