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Our 5-step lawn treatment program is more complete than most company’s 7-8 step program!  Save money.  Get better results.  Call Jim.

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Lawn Treatments

A split image that shows a Premier Lawn Services customer lawn that is healthy and green thanks to lawn treatments along side the neighbors lawn that did not receive lawn treatments which is brown and dry.

Benefits of Lawn Fertilizer

By fertilizing your lawn you are providing your turf with all of the nutrients needed for it to thrive! As plants grow and consume the nutrients in the existing soil it is a must to replenish those nutrients if you desire a thick, healthy lawn.

5-Steps Means: Less Time + Lower Cost + Less Hassle = 😁

5-Step Lawn Treatment Program



On our first visit in the spring we will apply a slow-release granular fertilizer combined with pre-emergent crabgrass control to give your grass a jump-start and bring it out of winter dormancy. We also spray broadleaf weeds with this treatment.


A second application of slow-release granular fertilizer is applied to get your grass ready for summer.  We spray all broadleaf weeds with this application. During this service we apply a grub control if desired.


We continue with the slow-release granular fertilizer to fuel your lawn throughout the summer, and spray broadleaf weeds as needed during this service.


We continue with another round of premium slow released fertilizer and spray broadleaf weeds as needed during this service.

Step 5:FALL

A final round of slow-release granular fertilizer is applied to get your yard ready for winter and ensure it comes back healthy in the spring. We spray any weeds we may see with this treatment, but we rarely see any!

A healthy green lawn with a yard sign that has the Premier Lawn Services Logo and contact information.

Weed Control Service

Many clients really only care about the weeds in their lawn! If that is you, it is OK. Our program is going to prevent many weeds such as crabgrass from entering your lawn and eliminate any existing weeds quickly. The best part is, no sudden growth spurts! See our section below regarding our slow-release fertilizer!

Our lawn treatment program includes:

  • Preventative Weed Control
  • Slow Release Fertilizer
  • Grub Control
  • Treatment of Existing Weeds
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Slow-Release Granular Fertilizer

The beauty of slow-release granular lawn fertilizer is that is releases into the soil over time.  This eliminates rapid growth spurts in your lawn!

A lush healthy green lawn.

Scott’s or TruGreen Alternative

To be clear, we are nothing like Scott’s or TruGreen!

We just happen to offer the same lawn care services as they do, BUT, with a personalized approach and a technician that truly cares about making your lawn look its absolute best.

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