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Shrub Care

A flower bed that lines a home with newly pruned shrubs.

Gardening Service

We prune shrubs!  Keeping your shrubs trimmed back and looking maintained seems to be a never ending task during the growing season.  Let us take this lawn chore off your plate!

Property Maintenance

Along with the unmatched reliability we offer with our mowing service, and the results we provide our clients with our lawn treatment program, we can also maintain plants in your landscape beds.

Types of plants we prune includes: 

  • Bushes
  • Shrubs
  • Hedges
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Trees up to 8′ tall
  • Perennials
A customer home with well defined and maintained flower beds lining the home.

Why prune your shrubs?

Hopefully your plants simply need to be pruned to bring them back to their natural shape.  Sometimes pruning is needed to remove dead, broken branches, or disease infected branches or sections of the plant to save the plant.

A Stihl brand hedge trimmer.
A team member used a hedge trimmer to prune bushes.

Pruning For Curb Appeal

Freshly trimmed shrubs really make a landscape pop.  Whether your bushes just need a little taken off the top or are due for a major cutback, we have skilled landscape professionals ready to prune your plants the right way.

A close up image of well maintained bushes.

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