Turf Disease Treatment

Turf Disease Management

Lawn disease outbreaks are irregular and therefore are not normally included with lawn care service programs.

However, if a lawn fungus is present it can spread quickly and wreak havoc on the lawn. Identification and accurate timing of control product application is the key to successful disease management.

All lawn fungi thrive on the following three components:

  1. Host (grass)
  2. Pathogen (fungus)
  3. Environment (moisture, excess thatch, poor soil conditions, etc.)

In order to effectively manage the disease, you must interrupt one of the three components.

The Science Behind Turf Disease Control

There are several ways we can disrupt 1 of the 3 components fungi damaging your lawn need to survive.

Following the best practices of mowing a lawn is a great place to start and reduce the chances your lawn will be affected by disease or fungi.

An obvious example of how to eliminate fungi from your lawn would to kill the pathogen with fungicide.

If your lawn is getting too much water, reduce your watering frequency if this was not induced by the current environmental conditions.

Aerating will introduce better air and water circulation throughout the soil and which will typically help combat turf disease and fungi issues.

The 5 most common lawn diseases in New York are:

  1. Dollar Spot
  2. Leaf Spot
  3. Snow Mold
  4. Rust
  5. Powdery Mildew

Mushrooms are typically not the problem

Mushrooms are actually a good sign that your soil is healthy!

Mushrooms (fungi) feed on decomposing plant material such as old tree roots. Mushrooms are basically an indication that soil building is going on in your lawn due to composting. Mushrooms can easily be removed by mowing over them or using a rake and disposing of them.

Mushrooms are naturally occurring, so as long as they are not caused by a detrimental pathogen, there is really no need to worry about mushrooms themselves.

Although turf disease management is not part of our 5-Step lawn care program, disease management falls within our IPM services. Our applicators are trained in the identification of lawn diseases. They will alert you if a problem exists and suggest a strategy to remedy it.

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