Landscape with Weeds

Weed Control for Garden Beds

Whether you have mulch, stone, or straw material filling your garden bed, seeds from annual weeds and grasses will blow in throughout the season and work their way down into the underlying soil and take root.

While hand weeding is sometimes necessary, there is a smarter approach to controlling weeds

2-Steps To Keeping Flower Beds Weed-Free

  1. Pre-Emergent Weed Control: To really get a handle on stopping weeds, you control them BEFORE they start to grow. Many weeds that appear every year are annuals–they come from seed and die at the first frost. We provide two applications of pre-emergent weed control between spring and early summer.
  2. Post-Emergent Weed Control: There are some weeds that are not managed through pre-emergent or have germinated despite pre-emergent control. Our post-emergent weed control program continues through September with applications every few weeks, ensuring that your garden beds stay weed-free!

Our goal is to create healthy, weed-free planting beds for clients.

Flower bed weed control is an add-on service provided to existing lawn fertilizer program clients as a way to provide consistent quality to their entire property.

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