Weed and Mosquito Control

The best line of defense in lawn weed control is to establish a thick mat of healthy turf to choke out weeds.  Fertilization, aerating, and overseeding as needed are key components for creating a beautiful lawn.

Turf weeds are persistent in claiming available bare or thin patches in your lawn.  Keeping weeds out of your lawn can be done by overseeding as needed while treating your lawn throughout the growing season with proper fertilization and weed control applications.

At Premier Lawn Services, we have a 3-step approach to control weeds in a lawn to achieve maximum results and to keep your lawn looking its best:

  1. Treat existing weeds in the turf
  2. Overseed the entire lawn or areas in need to thicken the lawn and crowd out weeds naturally
  3. Fertilize appropriately with a focus on building the organic matter in your lawn’s soil

We also recommend to keep your flower beds weed free to eliminate the chance weeds spread from your mulch beds into your turf!

Weeds Dying In Grass

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Weed seeds sit in your turf just waiting to sprout. These weed seeds are annual and will only live for one season. However, if you let them go to seed, each one will create thousands of potential plants for next year.

We use a granular pre-emergent control that creates a protective barrier that prevents these weeds from germinating.

Post-Emergent Weed Control

Commonly known as “broadleaf weed control”, post-emergent is highly effective at controlling existing as well as newly sprouted weeds.

Our three-way and four-way herbicides attack a variety of different weeds and fight all weeds at once.

We do not “blanket” spray your property with un-needed products instead we spray only where weeds are present. This is referred to as spot spraying and allows us to effectively control weeds while limiting the number of products we need to use.

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